Women Directors: Why Not Hollywood?


By Maria Giese

Women make up 51% of the population in America. We are not a minority.

Media is America’s most influential global export, changing people’s lives around the world. But almost 100% of American media content is directed by men.

Women graduate from film schools 50/50. Ninety-five percent of feature films are directed by men. It’s an almost vertical, male-dominated playing field for American women directors. That’s not fair and it’s not legal.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title 7, protects equal employment opportunity for all Americans. Women directors are discriminated against; American studios and networks are breaking the law.

American women got the right to vote in 1920; that’s 93 years ago.
In seven years, America will celebrate 100 years of Women’s Suffrage!

But women’s voices are silenced where it counts most: in the ways America speaks to the world. American moral leadership in the world means America must obey its own laws first.

Most of American industries are calling for equal employment opportunities for women–
50/50 in 2020. WHY NOT HOLLYWOOD?

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