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2 thoughts on “Tell Us Your Story”

  1. UCLA refuses to even discuss the issue because they’re scamming students out of the student loan money. I have over 70 hard-earned writing credits and tried contacting everyone I knew for a job that didn’t come, so I spent an entire summer eating beans because I had no money to buy food beyond barely paying my mortgage –lucky to have bought my home when I did and have a tenant out back plus a roommate (sometimes two) in the house. I also decided to make all my films here and have shot five successfully awarded shorts — shooting my 6th “When it rains…” as a feature. Here in my home. It’s the same for writers, btw. And my experiences Hah!! at UCLA where I had more credits than the TFT faculty and the dean — they were horrible and I was treated like a plebe. The faculty were ethnocentric and the cleaning crew were the Latinos. It’s an awful discriminatory place. I am Cuban-American. The few industry Latinos push their guys and are just as awful.

    The women are the worst — the chosen few and well-connected (read related to famous men) so totally wrapped up in themselves and unwilling to give anyone a hand. WIF has a mentor program that should be spoofed on SNL, as it consists of women discussing their private personal lives. Me –,with a mentor Hah! in a situation where one of these “mentors” criticized me as being negative for my being focused on raising money for my production after writing a documentary story about an experienced film director/writer with a UCLA MFA cleaning homes and working retail, there was absolute silence from professors and old connections alike. Tried applying to a job search which only sent me on hotel maid cleaning jobs.

    I have survived. Finally a finalist on two Sundance venues but have no idea what if anything will come of it because I’ve put all my eggs on what amounts to contest baskets.

    I know exactly how you feel. Please join me for a dinner at my home and I will make whatever you want (steak, shrimp, chicken whatever) and invite my friend Joan at WIF who has been supportive and understanding.

    1. Hi Migdia– One of the tragedies related to my style of blogging is that I don’t even see important letters like this for months! I don’t know if you can forgive me, but here I am. I loved your letter. We should write something more in depth about this, you, and your work. I would love to have dinner. If you see this before 2020, will you please call me on my cell at 310-678-9632. Also, my email is

      I hope this brings us together (Joan from WIF, too) sooner than later. Very warmest regards, Maria

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