Mattel’s Angry “Director Barbie” Speaks Out

"Not one of you ladies look anything like a film director!
“You!  You!  You!  Not one of you ladies looks anything like a film director!”

One thought on “Mattel’s Angry “Director Barbie” Speaks Out”

  1. I am a female director who has directed over 50 commercials for Mattel, mostly for Barbie. To my knowledge, there has not been a female directed commercial by Mattel since I directed my last one in about 2008. How many Barbie (and other Mattel) commercials have been directed since that time–all by men? At least hundreds, maybe thousands. To my knowledge, there have only been about 5 female directors on Mattel commercials EVER. So this “Directing Barbie” is particularly ridiculous and hypocritical. Barbie is no role model for female directors. By the way, to my knowledge, the same dismal numbers for female directors is the same for the other big toy makers, including Hasbro.

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