90210: One Woman Director this Season is Enough

This comes from an accomplished women director with nearly 50 hours of episodic TV under her belt and several TV movies:

“So, I went in to meet the showrunner of “90210.” The first incarnation.

We had a good meeting. We knew many folks in common. He respected my resume.

But he told me 90210 had already had a woman director that season, and it hadn’t gone well. These were the days when I didn’t say: “Are you kidding me?”

We shook hands. I didn’t get the job.

A few years later, that same producer and I happened to be at a mutual friend’s son’s Bar Mitzvah.

We shmoozed. He didn’t remember me.

But when he heard that I was a woman director, his eyes lit up. He told me that his college-aged daughter wanted to direct. Could I help her out?

This time, I spoke up. I reminded him of our first meeting. He claimed not to have remembered.

When we say: “Do it for your daughters!” We mean it.

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